Somewhere Between, a brand new musical

Think of the three biggest dreams and goals you’ve had your whole life.
What if they all fell in your lap, right now, TODAY?

That’s kinda what happens to Ben, at the start of the new musical SOMEWHERE BETWEEN.

Ben is coming of age – about 10 years late.  At 27, he’s a charming small town slacker.  Suddenly his politician dad gets him his dream job and gives him the big old family house –
so he can marry his high school sweetheart and start having kids.  Ben’s family think stability is best for his mental health – he has mood swings.

Well, a new guy, Travis, comes to town, and turns everyone’s lives upside down. Now Ben has to confront whether he’s making major life choices in the heat of a manic episode – or choosing a path that’s too safe, cause he’s afraid of his moods.

This show was selected as one of six world finalists at the MUT international composers’ competition in Munich.  It was the only one invited to go ahead with a German premiere. The translated version is moving forward in Europe.

Now, a team of Off-Broadway producers have offered to present the show in New York (around the corner from Hamilton, think of that!).

So we need folks now who can help fund the NY production.

SOMEWHERE BETWEEN is an intimate, 5-actor, pop-jazz style musical (think Evan Hansen or Next to Normal). Its early developmental readings were done right here at the Lyric Hyperion Theater in lil ol Silver Lake, L.A.  We very much appreciate all the moral support we’ve got from the local community.  So now we’d like to ask for your monetary support as well!