Bird: A One Woman Show


As Kylie Vincent shares events from a recent “killer” comedy set, past trauma pecks its way to the surface. In search of a flight path forward, BIRD reckons with child sexual assault, with Vincent’s “punk rock…badass” comedic and lyrical storytelling. “Bird is an edgy, heartfelt, thought-provoking piece that can make anyone feel less alone in their trauma. It’s honest, hilarious, and tear-jerking. Don’t miss it.”


Kylie Vincent is a 21 year old stand-up, activist, and theater artist in New York City, currently traveling with her solo show BIRD and performing stand-up across the United States. New York audiences say Vincent is “a hilarious, thoughtful, badass” and BIRD is “honest, hilarious and tear jerking.” Previously, in her capacity as March For Our Lives NY State Action Director, she was a speaker & producer for art & activism events. As an actor/sketch artist she has appeared in NBC's pilot Gen Z, Adult Swim's Digikiss and at UCB NYC Hells Kitchen mainstage. Vincent traveled to Amsterdam for stand-up and her comedy writing has been published in LOL Comedy and Points In Case. With her first full-length show BIRD, Vincent brings her loves of comedy, activism, and theatre together, sharing her story and a cathartic, empowering message about sexual violence and survivorship.

Barbara Pitts McAdams is best known as a creator and performer of The Laramie Project and co-author of MOMENT WORK: Tectonic Theater Project’s Process of Devising Theater. A three-time Edinburgh participant, she was assistant director on two Fringe First-winning productions (with Linda Ames Key, director) and appeared in John Clancy’s International Festival-commissioned play reading of Captain Overlord's Folly or The Fool's Revenge. Barb is also co-founder of, a series of customizable plays devised from interviews with America’s youth activists and gun violence survivors. Barb has directed many devised plays, often with social justice themes. Some screen acting credits include: HBO’s The Laramie Project (shared Emmy nomination, outstanding screenplay adaptation), Law & Order, L&O: SVU, Comedy Central, Person of Interest, Kidnapped, 30 Rock, and the long-running webseries


"Bird is an incredible one woman show that tackles the intense topics of sexual abuse, childhood abuse, and the ways in which the world and patriarchy harm women of all kinds. It is emotional, it is dark, and it is funny! Go see Bird!"

"Bird is a show that will stay with you. Bird navigates her trauma and still somehow emerges from it to find love, understanding, and even comedy."

"A woman organizing her thoughts about the incredibly traumatic experiences she’s dealt with in her life while trying to still laugh to make it a little bit okay."

"The show was very emotional and vulnerable. it winds and navigates a very complex space while also keeping the audience engaged in the details and humor."

"Deeply impactful; memorable."

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