Here's vital information you'll need for your show at the Lyric Hyperion.

Advertise on us

You promote your show – we can help in the following limited ways. Plan ahead, and allow 3 to 4 days for us to handle anything you give us.

  • Send us a JPG, 430x430 pixels, 72 dpi, to our rentals email, and we'll post it in our "What's Playing" slideshow and on our calendar. Include the basics like show name, date/time, price, etc. but keep it bold, clean & simple. Since this image appears only on our site, you should omit the theater name/address -- you can use the same image for letter size paper flyers and simply add below it the theater logo and address. (Please name your jpg file "Your Show Title MM-DD-YYYY.jpg" where the date in the filename is the PULL date when we should REMOVE the image from our site.)
  • Bring us color flyers, 8.5" square or smaller, and we will put them up in the three poster cases we have around the place, as space permits. Simplest is to print out the 430x430 image mentioned above - please tell us if you'd like to use that for a poster.
  • If you make up postcards, we can offer them in our postcard rack (near the cream and sugar cart).
  • You may post one or two short, strategically-timed messages per show on our Facebook page: (Don't post again and again, please – you'll look like a spammer and people stop watching the page.)

Plan for audience parking

The Medicus parking lot next door is off limits to performers, students and cafe customers! Park first on Hyperion, and avoid nearby residential streets. But sometimes, our neighbor lets us rent the lot for the audience of an evening or weekend event. Please let us know if you would like to rent the parking lot, and we will ask our neighbor for you. Remember to give us at least a week's notice to put in the request -- and remember it's up to our neighbor's discretion, and not guaranteed.

Make great PR materials

  1. Remember to use our correct name: The Lyric-Hyperion Theater & Cafe.
  2. Refer people to our website,, for details and ticket sales.
  3. Include our famous logo, it really helps people make the connection of where to go.

Download the logo you need by right-clicking and choosing Save As:

Be ready for tech

  • Our Facility Guide tells each member of your team just what s/he needs to know to plan and do a show here. Your producer, stage manager, designers, and so on should all read their respective pages. Really! There are hard copies at the theater you can borrow and use. The guide is short and sweet and well-organized, and will save you many hours of hair pulling. (Also, if you don't follow instructions, you risk losing your security deposit.)
  • Here is a Floor-plan with room dimensions, including a blank one you can sketch your set plans on.
  • The Seating Plans show different layouts that are possible.
  • The Lighting Grid with circuit numbers is vital to design your plot. At the theater, we've also got the grid on a transparency that you can lay atop your set plan and scribble on with eraseable felt pens. Learn the cooler features of our ETC Smartfade 1248 console and software by watching tutorials at the ETC website.


Outside food or drink is not permitted anywhere on the premises without special arrangement and fee. All renters are responsible for their students, cast and/or audience following this rule! Our café offers a full menu every day, and excellent event-catering options priced for all budget levels, including greenroom specials for cast & crew. Please contact café staff with a week’s notice to plan catering for your event. For an additional fee, lobby and patio can be closed to the public for private parties.