We are currently closed for shows and dining while we seek a new operator to carry on the Lyric Hyperion's mission and run the day to day business.  Our space is still available for film shoots. Email us.
Basic shows
We require a venue fee at the time of booking. This fee is required to confirm your booking.
Venue fees:
Sunday - Thursdays at 7pm and 9pm: $200
Fridays - Saturdays at 7pm and 9pm:: $300
On the night of the show, the Artist retains 100% of box office revenue until revenue exceeds double the amount of venue fee. 
Once sales exceed double the venue fee, any additional box office is split 60% Artist / 40% Theater.
For a Friday at 9pm time slot, the venue fee would be $300. On the night of the show, the first $600 of box office revenue goes to the Artist. After that first $600, the 60/40 split is applied. For a Sun-Thurs time slot, the Artist would keep the first $400 before the 60/40 split is applied. 

Simple shows (Screening, Readings, Other)

  • Up to 90 minutes.
Stick to your slot: Overtime costs extra!
Ask how you can be on our Monthly Schedule! Rent@lyrichyperion.com
Full Plays, Parties, Events

Full run of the space, all equipment included, any seating layout of your choice.

  • Prime-time evening Thur-Fri-Sat-Sun, when available...$500/night
  • Prime-time evening Monday-Wednesday, when available...$350/night
  • “Late Slot" (10pm-10:30pm start time) $200/night

Film & TV Shoots

Contact for rates & info: rent@lyrichyperion.com


Weekdays 7am- 5pm  -  $30/hr
Weekend Days - $40/hr

View the calendar to find the times you want. 

Our facility has a maximum 87 seats. When laid out with tables (cabaret style), the show room holds about 50-60 seats. Other layouts vary in number, depending on which of our different seating plans is in effect.

Ours is a "do it yourself" venue -- basic rental rates don't include crew for your show. Staff will show your team where things are and how to get started, and oversee that you break down and put everything away correctly. If you need ongoing tech/crew help we can add that to your rental at a negotiable rate. 

Your booking goes on the calendar after we get your finalized contract and payment.