We are currently closed for shows and dining while we seek a new operator to carry on the Lyric Hyperion's mission and run the day to day business.  Our space is still available for film shoots. Send us an email.

Our facility has up to 87 seats total. When laid out with tables (cabaret style), the show room holds about 50-60 seats. Other layouts vary in number, depending on which of our different seating plans is in effect.

If you're interested in booking, follow these steps:

    1. Read the Rates & Info to get an idea of our standard prices
    2. Browse our calendar for the dates you want
    3. Then send us an email. Be sure to say what kind of show or event you are planning!
    4. As you move ahead, be sure to check our page of Stuff You Need.

FOR PRODUCERS, we can help with:

      • Ticket sales 24-7 via phone, website & lobby
      • Audience parking (possible rental of our neighbor's lot)
      • Lighting or set designer recommendations
      • Stage managers and board ops you can hire
      • Event insurer recommendations
      • Program printing and PR recommendations
      • Equipment instruction and manuals

FOR CREW, our comfortable, efficient control booth has all new equipment:

      • Lighting Console: ETC SmartFade 1248 DMX (48 channel, fully programmable stack)
      • ETC SmartPack Dimmers, 1000W each
      • 10 Fresnels 500W
      • 10 Colortran Mini Ellipsoidals 500W (30°-50°-60°)
      • 3 Colortran Superbeam 500/1000W scoops
      • Sound mixer: 8 channels with FX & mic inputs
      • Portable stage sound monitors
      • Full onstage PA system with two speakers and up to 5 mics.

FOR PERFORMERS, the flexible "black box" allows various layouts.

      • Room measures about 33 by 25 feet.
      • Playing area averages about 18 by 20 feet depending on where you put the seats.
      • Roomy backstage green room is also good as a rehearsal space.
      • Offstage space in our alley is ample for building and storing sets.