Stuff You Need

Here's vital information you'll need for your show at the Lyric Hyperion.

Plan for audience parking

The parking lot next door is off limits to performers, students and cafe customers! Park first on Hyperion, and avoid nearby residential streets. 

Make great PR materials

  1. Remember to use our correct name: The Lyric Hyperion
  2. Refer people to our website,, for details and ticket sales.
  3. Include our marketing logo.

Download the logo below:


Outside food or drink is not permitted anywhere on the premises without special arrangement and fee. All renters are responsible for their students, cast and/or audience following this rule! Our café offers a full menu every day, and excellent event-catering options priced for all budget levels, including greenroom specials for cast & crew. Please contact café staff with a week’s notice to plan catering for your event. For an additional fee, lobby and patio can be closed to the public for private parties.