Rentals Rates

As our wonderful new operating team gets things running smoothly, we are accepting bookings for upcoming performances! Our space is also still available for film shoots. Email us at to book soon, because we are filling up fast!


Rental Rate Information 

  • We require a venue fee at the time of booking. This fee is required to confirm your booking. The fee is based on show runtime and day of the week. A breakdown of the rental fees can be found below.
  • For all ticketed performances:
  • On the night of the show, the Artist retains 100% of box office revenue until revenue exceeds double the amount of venue fee
  • Once sales exceed double the venue fee, any additional box office is split 60% Artist / 40% Theater.
  • For a Mon-Wed at 9pm time slot, the venue fee would be $280. On the night of the show, the first $560 of the box office revenue goes to the Artist. After that first $560, the 60/40 split is applied.
  • Ticket prices are up to the sole discretion of the artist. We give a recommended ticket price, but ultimately the pricing structure is up to the artist.
  • Two Item Minimum Encouraged: In the post COVID-19 world, we are seeing costs dramatically increase.  In an effort to ensure The Lyric Hyperion remains a longstanding pillar of the community and that we can pay our employees a comfortable living wage, we strongly encourage a two item minimum for all shows.  The two item minimum applies to all items on the food and beverage menus (including non-alcoholic drinks such as teas and coffees). Please encourage your guests to help support small business and the arts by purchasing food or beverages while attending your event. Thank you so much!
  • Stick to your slot: Overtime costs extra! 

Ask how you can be one of our "regulars" on our Monthly Schedule!


Rental Rates

Shows 90 Minutes and Under (Screening, Readings, Other)

Monday - Thursday slots starting at 7pm or 9:00pm: $280

  • Recommended ticket price of at least $14/person
  • If the Artist sells 20 tickets at $14/person they gross $280 - enough to cover their venue fee.

Friday - Saturday Late Night Show slots starting at 11:00pm: $325

  • Recommended ticket price of at least $15/person
  • If the Artist sells roughly half the house (22 tickets) at $15/person they gross $330 - enough to cover their venue fee.

Prime-time Slot Friday - Sunday slots starting at 7pm or 9pm when available: $395

  • Recommended ticket price of at least $18/person
  • If the Artist sells roughly half the house (23 tickets) at $18/person they gross $414 - enough to cover their venue fee.

Prime Time Full Show

Greater than 90 minutes, less than 3 hours: $900*

Price includes longer load-in time (1 ½ hours before showtime), full individualized technical package (sound, lights, crew member), hour long load-out post show, specialized pricing on select drinks and food items an hour before and after the performance to ticket holders, more marketing/advertising by the Lyric Hyperion via their website and social media pages. 

*Choosing this package guarantees your performance will be the only prime-time performance of the evening (late-night performance may still be scheduled by another group)

Special Events

Contact for rates & info:

Film & TV Shoots

Contact for rates & info:


Weekdays 7am- 4pm  -  $40/hr

Weekend Days - $55/hr

Our facility has a maximum 65 seats at this time, while we continue to follow Covid-19 safety guidelines and protocols .

Basic rental rates don't include crew for your show. Staff will show your team where things are and how to get started, and oversee that you break down and put everything away correctly. If you need ongoing tech/crew help we can add that to your rental at a negotiable rate. 

Your booking goes on the calendar after we get your finalized contract and payment.