The Lyric Hyperion is proud to offer the following 8-Week Intensives:

IMPROV with Mark McCracken

Tuesdays 1:30pm - 3:30pm 

Improv @ the Lyric Hyperion! What!? Yes! And why not!? An eight-week course chock full of everything you’d need to know about improv! And by a seasoned (read: experienced) instructor/performer whose been at it for thirty years. Seasoned? That’s damn near fermented! Experience is key. What’s in store for the matriculating improv newbie/wannabe/novice/apprentice? Glad you asked. First, a little about our fearless instructor. 

Mark McCracken is a North Carolina native, who came to LA via New York and Miami. It was quite a ride. And in that time, he performed Off Broadway, helped start an improv/sketch company in Miami (Mental Floss), toured as a stand-up comic, and has been in films, TV and commercials. Check him out on IMDB.  But most importantly, since landing in LA, he’s not only been in several improv companies, but taught at Cal Arts, National University and his alma mater, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He teaches at AADA to this day. And with his improv partner, makes up the dynamic improv duo, Hammertoad. They have toured and taught at many improv comedy festivals around the country.  

Yes, that’s all well and good, you say. But what about these classes at the Lyric Hyperion? 

Mr. McCracken will be basing the eight-week session on the classes he has taught at AADA. Each week students will be introduced to the fundamentals of improv technique. With a focus on increasing awareness and practice. From “short form” to “long form.” Don’t know what those are? Take the class! 

Mr. McCracken bases his unique approach on his experience and study of the art of improv. It is an art, you know. He incorporates essential elements used by all the well-known improv companies. From Second City to Upright Citizens Brigade. He even teaches about the history of improv. Did you know there was an improv troupe in Austria in 1900 called the Theater of the Spontaneous? Catchy name.  

Anyway, improv is a great way to loosen up on stage. Any stage. From public speaking to a Broadway debut. It allows you to become more comfortable with yourself, with the unknown and boost your confidence. Actor, writer, director, public speaker, sales person, teacher – there’s a place for improv in your professional tool box. It’s also a lot of fun. And who couldn’t use a little of that in their life? Check out improv at the Lyric Hyperion with Mark McCracken. 


C-I TRAINING with Joan Fricke

Thursdays 8:30am - 10:00am New Movers

10:00am - 11:30am Movers/Dancers

C-I Training™ (Conditioning-with-Imagery) is a body system which incorporates both conditioning exercises for muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility, as well as visualization and imagery work for neuromuscular re-patterning (or movement re-education), alignment work, and mind-body integration and connectedness. Additionally, its purpose is to address problems with transfer of training from conditioning and re-alignement methodologies to movement practices in classes, rehearsals, performances, and daily life. The applicaitons of C-I Training can assist with injury prevention, improved training practices, and appropriate warm-up procedures.

Do I need to be a dancer? No, C-I Training is a body conditioning system created for, but not limited to dancers. The 8:30am class is especially geared toward individuals who want to invest in a healthy movement practice, but don't necessarily consider themselves "movers." And the 10:00am class is geared toward dancers and individuals who consider themselves "movers."

What do I need for class? Yoga mat, water bottle, tennis/soft ball or yoga block // Optional: theraband, notebook and pen

Is there an age cap? No, if you are interested in learning exercises to help keep your body happier and healthier, then you are welcome in this class!

Joan Fricke is a first-generation, multidisciplinary artist and educator. Since graduating from California Institute of the Arts, she has danced with Acts of Matter, CARLON, A. Ordaz Dance, Bryn Cohn + Artists among others on stage, film, and on tour. She works with immersive dance theatre creators, Iris Company and is Assistant Choreographer for B. Dunn Movement on an original immersive project. Joan can be seen in videos for artists such as Solange, Jessie Ware, Malynda Hale, Fyohna, and James Benton.

As a maker, Joan's choreography can be seen in music videos and commercials, and has been presented by various LA venues. Her stage collaborations include original works with Grammy-Award winning musician and composer, Alex Wand, and composer/conductor Jaco Wong. Joan uses voice and choreography to investigate the nonlinear existence of time and space. She teaches ballet, contemporary, and C-I Training™ around the greater Los Angeles area.



Fridays 12:00pm - 2:00pm

In this weekly creative writing workshop, folks will use personal reflection and community building to define their own personal narrative. The goal in this space isn't to get feedback on the project you've been working on. Our goal is to help folks get out of a creative rut, to become more sure of their own voice, and to provide tools to use their voice in any type of creative or professional space. 

Who's it for?

This program is for folks who are looking to flex their creativity and define their voice in creative and professional spaces. 

MK Pleggenkuhle is the founder of Obvi, a nonprofit focused on building community through shared stories. She is passionate about creating creative environments that are welcoming and encouraging, taking the pressure off seasoned-performers and new-comers alike. A lover of puzzles and organization, her work focuses on the first step for folks looking to explore their creativity, and connects the dots to developing final products you are proud of.


For questions or more information

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