The Lyric Hyperion Improv Open Mic - August 17th 06:30PM
The Lyric Hyperion
2106 Hyperion Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Cost: $4.00
Max. # of Sign Ups: 50
Current Sign Ups: 0
  • The Wednesday Improv Open Mic at The Lyric Hyperion is an open, inclusive and fun community event. We are creating a welcoming, safe space for everyone to embrace and celebrate diverse life experiences. We are committed to building an equitable and thriving creative environment for BIPOC, Latinx, APIMEDA, and LGBTQIA+ communities, persons with disabilities, and all who may otherwise be marginalized or underrepresented in our community. For this reason we ask everyone to agree to the following community standards*:
  • Have Each Other's Back: We support one another. Show up on time (or at least try), stay until the end, clap for everyone, cheer and for goodness sake, laugh. We're in this together!
  • Speak Your Truth: Be yourself and speak for yourself. Your voice matters. If you are shy, get off the back line and jump into the scene!
  • "Yes, And" is not a command. Accept offers from your performers, heighten and explore creatively, and also respect your own boundaries. Respect the right of others to make different choices or to set personal boundaries.
  • Listen. Good improvisation requires listening. So does personal growth and learning. Avoid assumptions about the experiences of other people, individuals, and groups. Be open to hearing other perspectives. Be open to helpful feedback as it is an opportunity to grow. Also, if you tend to dominate scenes, take a turn on the back line or wait for your teammate to initiate.
  • Assume positive intent, and acknowledge your impact. We're all here to have fun, and we all make mistakes. See the best in one another, and be open to the idea that despite your best intentions, you might have a different impact on others.
  • Put the "fun" in funny. There are many kinds of humor. We embrace humor that starts from a place of joy and imperfection. Laugh at yourself, at life, and laugh together at our shared human experience. Avoid so-called jokes that make fun of individuals or groups of people based on their personal characteristics or stereotypes. We can be funny without hurting people
  • *Adapted from the East Bay Meditation Center "Agreements for Multicultural Interactions"
  • Finally, and we seriously hope this goes without saying ... but for the avoidance of doubt and the protection of our community, the event organizers want to make this absolutely clear: We take the physical, emotional, and personal safety of our community very seriously. Any words or acts of hatred or bigotry, including without limitation, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, unawanted touching or violence, sexual harassment (verbal or non-verbal) or any other other hurtful and inappropriate behavior is unacceptable both on and offstage, before and after our events. Please report any inappropriate behavior to the organizer, Billy DeClercq. The reporting of any violation may be kept confidential at your request. Any person who engages in serious or repeated violations of our agreements and this policy will not be allowed to participate in the future. If we believe a law has been broken, or if it is necessary to ensure the safety of our community members, we will promptly report violations to law enforcement.

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