Nick & Courtney Take a Gap Year

Wednesday May 11th, 2022 - 8:00PM

Location : The Lyric Hyperion, Los Angeles, CA

A new comedy show featuring standup, characters, and more hosted by Athen's Sweethearts, Courtney Horn and Nick Tiffany!

Courtney and Nick are taking a gap year! Courtney and Nick had their whole lives planned: attend Vassar, marry young, and die younger. But after a senior year full of high highs (a destination homecoming in Prague), and low lows (losing their English teacher to a lifelong prescription pill addiction), they each decided to take a gap year to discover themselves in Europe. But while on that gap year to discover themselves, they discovered something else: a mutual love for standup comedy. So, they’ve sworn an oath with their bodily fluids (blood, don’t be gross!) and made a plan: try standup comedy for a year, and if they don’t book SNL or something big within those 365 days, they will return home and attend Vassar, defeated. Come see Courtney, Nick, and the funny, foreign friends that they made at their now foreclosed hostel make you laugh!