IMPROV with Mark McCracken

Tuesday March 22nd, 2022 - 12:00PM

Location : The Lyric Hyperion, Los Angeles, CA

Improv @ the Lyric Hyperion! What!? Yes! And why not!? An eight-week course chock full of everything you’d need to know about improv! And by a seasoned (read: experienced) instructor/performer whose been at it for thirty years. Seasoned? That’s damn near fermented! Experience is key. What’s in store for the matriculating improv newbie/wannabe/novice/apprentice? Glad you asked. First, a little about our fearless instructor. 

Mark McCracken is a North Carolina native, who came to LA via New York and Miami. It was quite a ride. And in that time, he performed Off Broadway, helped start an improv/sketch company in Miami (Mental Floss), toured as a stand-up comic, and has been in films, TV and commercials. Check him out on IMDB.  But most importantly, since landing in LA, he’s not only been in several improv companies, but taught at Cal Arts, National University and his alma mater, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He teaches at AADA to this day. And with his improv partner, makes up the dynamic improv duo, Hammertoad. They have toured and taught at many improv comedy festivals around the country.  

Yes, that’s all well and good, you say. But what about these classes at the Lyric Hyperion? 

Mr. McCracken will be basing the eight-week session on the classes he has taught at AADA. Each week students will be introduced to the fundamentals of improv technique. With a focus on increasing awareness and practice. From “short form” to “long form.” Don’t know what those are? Take the class! 

Mr. McCracken bases his unique approach on his experience and study of the art of improv. It is an art, you know. He incorporates essential elements used by all the well-known improv companies. From Second City to Upright Citizens Brigade. He even teaches about the history of improv. Did you know there was an improv troupe in Austria in 1900 called the Theater of the Spontaneous? Catchy name.  

Anyway, improv is a great way to loosen up on stage. Any stage. From public speaking to a Broadway debut. It allows you to become more comfortable with yourself, with the unknown and boost your confidence. Actor, writer, director, public speaker, sales person, teacher – there’s a place for improv in your professional tool box. It’s also a lot of fun. And who couldn’t use a little of that in their life? Check out improv at the Lyric Hyperion with Mark McCracken.